A look at the science behind Vantagon Biomics

We begin by taking samples of fecal matter. Yes. The athletes we test have to go into the bathroom and do their business in the name of science. Then, we collect those samples and put them in this big machine called a Genetic Sequencer. What this does is to basically tell us, in raw form, what kinds of things live inside the athletes' stool and therefore, their guts.

Then it is the work of our molecular biologists and bioinformaticians to interpret the data. Their main task is to find potential insights derived from the microbiome of the athletes, including nutritional efficiency and bacterial diversity comparison against other datasets.

The key service that Vantagon Biomics provides is in preparing actionable reports about player wellbeing, so that team staff like physical therapists and nutrionists can better understand and serve the needs of their roster.

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